About Us

A leader in Child Play 

Tickity Boo is the original kids play centre in the region. We have been trading for over ten years which is testament to our great customer service, cleanliness and open floor plan.  We’re conveniently located in the of heart Melbourne with ample parking spots and access via public transport.

Our approach to Play

Our centre is specialised in children between the ages of one to eight years of age.  At this pivotal age they are learning new things every day and at Tickity Boo we can provide a safe social environment for your child to learn how to interact with others through the action of play.  They will develop their social skills and also enhance their vocabulary development as they learn new words and discover their meanings through the practice of play.  They learn how to be creative through a scenario of play as they use new thoughts and learn to use their imagination. They will also develop their gross motor skills by climbing in the two storey play structure or jumping on the huge supa-bounce and it will also improve their coordination.

Upon entry into the kids play centre there is an inviting, bright and airy play area that has various play structures which will keep your children entertained for hours. There is seating in the play area so you can watch your child play as you sit back and relax. We have a temperature controlled heating and cooling system to keep you and your kids comfortable no matter the weather.

There are two main play areas at Tickity Boo. The main play area consists of:

  • A two storey play structure
  • Two slides
  • Two ball pits
  • A mini race track with cars
  • A super bounce jumping castle
  • Spring free trampolines

The Toddler area is a secured area that has:

  • A ball pit
  • Slide
  • And toys